Manfred Knobloch

Manfred Knoblock studied protestant theology, then became a programmer in 1987. He has worked for German software and trading companies, for a Swiss bank, and currently is employed with a psychological research institute. Manfred has written several articles for the German Java Magazin and XML & Web Services Magazin about XML, XSLT, XSL, SVG and about content management.

Articles by this author

Self-Enhancing Stylesheets

Developing new stylesheets can be a chore. So why not let XSLT take the load? This article shows how to easily check the coverage of your XSLT and create skeleton stylesheets.

Shortening XSLT Stylesheets

XSLT is often considered to be too verbose. As a stylesheet's code grows, it tends to be unreadable. This is not a fate stylesheet authors have to accept. This article proposes some ways of shortening stylesheets without loss of functionality, including the use of XSLT 2.0 user defined functions.