Johan Peeters

Johan Peeters is an independent software architect of the deconstructivist school; he delights in the nuts and bolts.

Articles by this author

WSDL Tales From the Trenches, Part 3

This third and final part of WSDL Tales from the Trenches concentrates on the data aspects of web services. It discusses the type definitions and element declarations in the types element of a WSDL document. Such types and elements are used in the abstract messages in web service descriptions.

WSDL Tales From The Trenches, Part 2

In the second part of his hands-on WSDL series, Johan Peeters clarifies good practice for writing WSDL, and also finds that WSDL itself is not yet mature enough.

WSDL Tales From The Trenches, Part 1

In this first article in a new series about WSDL implementation experience, Johan Peeters describes some high level best practices for designing web services interfaces.