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Paul Ford is a writer and web developer living in Brooklyn, NY. He publishes

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Of Presidents and Ontologies

At the pinnacle of election season in the U.S., Paul Ford returns with another Hacking Congress column. This time, Ford says things about the President using RDF and explains why the Semantic Web is about more than ontologies.

Stuck in the Senate

Paul Ford discovers that creating a clean RDF representation of the United States Senate is harder than he thought, and goes back to fix his mistakes, delving into the mysterious world of URNs along the way.

Uncle Sam's Semantic Web

Paul Ford comes to Washington, D.C., to report on the Semantic eGov conference, where he discovers that Uncle Sam has plans for the Semantic Web.

Screenscraping the Senate

In Paul Ford's first Hacking Congress column, he shows us how to turn information on the U.S. Senate site into RDF.

WWW2004 Semantic Web Roundup

Reporting from the WWW 2004 conference, Paul Ford surveys the state of the art in client and server side semantic web technology.

Marking Up Bureaucracy

Needing to cope with its enormous needs for document and data exchange, the United States is looking more and more to XML. Paul Ford explains what happens when Washington meets markup.