Faheem Khan

Faheem Khan is an independent software consultant specializing in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and B2B solutions. Readers can reach Faheem at

Articles by this author

DOM for Web Services, Part 3

In the final part of his series on processing SOAP using W3C DOM, Faheem Khan covers Apache Xerces-J and explains when using DOM is appropriate.

DOM for Web Services, Part 2

This article shows how to use Microsoft's Document Object Model (DOM) implementation to create a user interface for a web service from a WSDL file, with examples both in Internet Explorer and using ASP.NET. It provides a gentle introduction to the programmatic use of the DOM.

DOM for Web Services, Part 1

In this first part of a three-part series, Faheem Khan introduces the application of the W3C's Document Object Model in processing web services. He also gives an overview of the main two DOM processors in use, Apache Xerces and Microsoft's MSXML.

XML Transactions for Web Services, Part 3

In the third and final part of our series on web services transactions, Faheem Kham examines the WS-Transaction spec's Business Activities, a way of handling long lived collections of transactions.

XML Transactions for Web Services, Part 2

In the second installment of our series on web service transactions, Faheem Khan examines in detail the operation of atomic transactions in an example enterprise application scenario, using the WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction specifications.

XML Transactions for Web Services, Part 1

This first article in three part series describing transactional web services introduces the service oriented architecture, federation of web services, and the need for coordination and transactions.