Russell Dyer

Russell Dyer is a Perl programmer, a mySQL developer, and a web designer living and working on a consulting basis in New Orleans. He welcomes reader responses to his articles and can be reached at

Articles by this author

CSS 3 Selectors

The CSS 3 Selectors specification has recently become a W3C Recommendation. Russell Dyer charts the development of CSS selectors, and explains which new features are introduced in CSS 3.

The Interview: Steven Pemberton

Russell Dyer talks to Steven Pemberton, the chair of the W3C's HTML Working Group, and an important influence on the development of the web over the last decade.

The Interview: Liam Quin

Russell Dyer talks to Liam Quin, XML Activity Lead at the World Wide Web Consortium, XML book author, and typography and markup enthuasiast.

The Interview: Eric Meyer

Russell Dyer talks to Eric Meyer, invited expert to the W3C's CSS Working Group, and author of O'Reilly's "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide."