Ivelin Ivanov

Ivelin is a frequent contributor to the open source community. Apache Cocoon, JBoss, GNU XQuery and Jakarta Commons are among the projects he has recently participated in. In his professional involvement Ivelin successfully used a balanced mix of open source and proprietary tools to build multiple high volume transactional distributed systems. Currently tech lead with BMC Software, Inc., his responsibility is to continuously evaluate, disseminate and apply software development technologies and practices in enterprise web application projects. Along with company architect Troy Cline, Ivelin is co-inventor of a patent pending technology for highly scalable transactions carried over the internet. Previous to his position with BMC, Ivelin occupied a CIO position with Cyberfort, Inc., a company building web applications for the financial and security sectors. A native of Bulgaria, Ivelin is co-founder of the first independent computer book publishing company in the country.

Articles by this author

XQuery Implementation

Though not yet a W3C Recommendation, XQuery has been around for a long time now. This article looks at the trends in its deployment, and predicts the big opportunity for XQuery in web services integration.

Processing RSS

In the first article of our new XQuery column, Ivelin Ivanov shows how XQuery makes light work of rendering multiple RSS files into a single HTML page.

XML Forms, Web Services and Apache Cocoon

Server side business logic is often invariant with respect to the client device. Ivelin Ivanov shows how the Cocoon XMLForm framework addresses the concern of separating the purpose from the presentation of a form, maximizing its reusability for a variety of client devices.