Sal Mangano

Sal Mangano has been developing software for over 12 years and has worked on many mission-critical applications, especially in the area of financial-trading applications. Unlike many XML/XSLT developers, he did not approach the technology from the standpoint of the Internet and Web development but rather from the broader need for a general-purpose, data-transformation framework. This experience has given him a unique perspective that has influenced many of the recipes in his book, the XSLT Cookbook. Sal has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Polytechnic University.

Articles by this author

Using XSLT to Assist Regression Testing

In the same problem/solution format you'll find in his book, XSLT Cookbook, Sal Mangano presents a situation where colleagues wanted a tool to regression-test code that output XML. Sal explains in this article that all they need to normalize the output XML is a tiny bit of XSLT.