Steve Punte

Steve Punte is a freelance software consultant specializing and promoting a new software architecture paradigm currently called "XML Directed Software." Steve has a Master's degree from UC Santa Barbara and further studies in computer science at Stanford University. Steven was a software architect at Hewlett-Packard for 12 years, and has participated in numerous leading edge software start-up ventures.

Articles by this author

Online Magazines with Apache Cocoon

Apache Cocoon makes publishing magazines easy. Steven Punte brings together HTML and RSS documents to show how Cocoon's XML-directed architecture lends itself to elegant publishing solutions.


Steven Punte presents a review of the birth and development of the Apache XSLTC compiled-XSLT project and surveys the competition among XSLT processors.

Creating SOAP Services with Cocoon

This article introduces the XmlHttpTransformer component, which allows mid-pipeline Cocoon elements to operate as SOAP clients retrieving information from external services.

Getting Started With Cocoon 2

An introduction to the Cocoon 2 XML publishing framework, demonstrating Cocoon's architecture with some simple applications.