Petr Cimprich

Petr Cimprich has been a Web developer since 1995, and is experienced with SGML and XML. He obtained a PhD in physics at Charles University, Prague (1997). He is co-founder of Ginger Alliance (1999), a software company focused on XML, and is involved in several Open Source projects such as Sablotron, Charlie, PerlRDF or STX. Petr lives in Prague, Czechia, with wife Lenka and son Martin.

Articles by this author

Perl Parser Performance

Petr Cimprich compares the performance of five Perl SAX2 parsers. Are you using the best one for your job?

An Introduction to Streaming Transformations for XML

An introduction to Streaming Transformations for XML (STX), a template-based XML transformation language that operates on streams of SAX events. STX bears a strong resemblance to XSLT 1.0, the tree-driven transformation language for XML, but offers unique features and advantages for some applications.

Inside Sablotron: Virtual XML Documents

The Sablotron open source XSLT processor has an API that enables it to process "virtual XML documents," bringing with it a flexible and efficient approach to processing both XML and non-XML data sources.