Antoine Quint

Antoine Quint is an independent consultant focusing on the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard, participating as an Invited Expert to the W3C SVG Working Group, writing SVG articles for, IBM developerWorks and IEEE Multimedia Magazine and talks a lot at conferences held in nice places. Of course, that is merely to keep busy until he becomes a raging rock star! Antoine lives in his luxurious pad in Paris with his über-cat Stig Helmer.

Articles by this author

SVG At the Movies

Antoine Quint returns with a new column about SVG -- this time he focuses on the interesting new features for video integration in SVG 1.2.

Mobile SVG

Antoine Quint returns with a look at the growing market for implementations of the SVG Mobile specification.

Introducing Mutation Events

In his latest exploration of SVG, Antoine Quint introduces DOM Mutation Events as a way to integrate custom components more fully.

Simple Text Wrapping

In his latest SVG column, Antoine Quint explains how to implement text wrapping in SVG.

Extending SVG for XForms

This month's SVG column, the first of a two-part series, explains the first steps in using SVG, CSS, and EcmaScript to build XForms applications.

SVG Tips and Tricks, Part One

In this month's SVG column Antoine Quint offers some tips and tricks for creating more useful and impressive SVG animations.

Doing That Drag Thang

This month's SVG column explores the coordination of SVG animation and JavaScript programming in order to create a click-and-drag effect.

Digging Animation

The first installment of our new SVG column takes a look at animation and how SVG compares to Flash.

SVG: Where Are We Now?

SVG expert Antoine Quint surveys the current state of tool support for the W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics Recommendation.