Kimbro Staken

Kimbro Staken is an independent consultant, author, and open source developer specializing in native XML database technology. He is one of the primary developers of the dbXML Core Open Source native XML database and a co-founder of the XML:DB Initiative.

Articles by this author

Microcontent Management with Syncato

Syncato is an XML database backed content management system. Use it to store and manage media such as music playlists or photos as well as your weblog content.

An Introduction to the XML:DB API

The growing number of native XML databases all have different programming interfaces. The XML:DB API is an open source project to provide a unified API for native XML databases.

Introduction to dbXML

Following on from his introduction to native XML databases, Kimbro Staken introduces the dbXML open source native XML database.

Introduction to Native XML Databases

Native XML databases are an important part of the emerging XML software infrastructure. This article explains their features, strengths and weaknesses.