Martin Gudgin

Martin Gudgin is a researcher, educator and practitioner at DevelopMentor, a component software think-tank. He spends most of his time thinking about, working with and writing code for XML based systems and has been living the XML lifestyle since early 1999. Martin is a member of the XML Schema and XML Protocol Working Groups at the W3C and a co-author of Essential XML Quick Reference published by Addison-Wesley.

Articles by this author

Web Service Sublimation

This month's Endpoints column examines the characteristics of Web Service applications, including typing and message coupling.

The IDL That Isn't

In this month's Endpoints column, Ewald and Gudgin explain why web services won't fully interoperate until WSDL improves.

Data Encoding or Data 'n Coding?

How should XML types and programming language types be related? This month's XML Endpoints column offers a clear discussion of the relevant positions.

The Slippery Soap

This month's Endpoints column describes SOAP 1.1, its header extensibility mechanism, and possible changes in SOAP 1.2.

Pork Barrel Protocols's newest column, XML Endpoints, which is devoted to exploring web services, debuts by asking what a web service really is and what it shouldn't be.