Paul Madsen

Paul Madsen has over 6 years experience in structured markup languages and Web application development. He started his career as the SGML architect for a major telecommunications corporation, responsible for designing and maintaining the DTD for company wide technical documentation. In a different role, he was technical lead in the creation of an XML-based Web content publishing system delivering real-time information to business travellers. He is currently responsible for XML product initiatives at Entrust, Inc., a provider of enhanced Internet security solutions. He holds an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

Articles by this author

WS-Trust: Interoperable Security for Web Services

WS-Trust is a proposal that enables security token interoperability by defining a request/response protocol for SOAP actors to request of some trusted authority that a particular security token be exchanged for another. Paul Madsen provides a detailed explanation of the WS-Trust technology.

The Liberty Alliance

As parts of our lives are increasingly managed via online applications, the resulting morass of different logon and profile information is becoming unmanageable. This is the problem the Liberty Alliance project sets out to solve.

Privacy and XML, Part 2

The second and concluding part of our look at XML and Privacy examines XML standards initiatives aimed at giving users and businesses control over privacy.

Privacy and XML, Part I

This first installment of a two-part series on privacy and XML introduces the issues at stake in online privacy and gives an overview of privacy concepts.

An Introduction to XML Digital Signatures

The W3C and IETF's XML Signature specification allows the verification of the authenticity of XML-based transactions, a vital part of the emerging electronic business infrastructure.