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Hacking Congress Paul Ford shows us how to build a Semantic Web site by assembling machine-readable information about the US federal government.
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Query Census Data with RDF By Joshua Tauberer
In his second Hacking Congress column, Joshua Tauberer shows us how to query open data from the U.S. Census Bureau using RDF and Python's RDFLib. [Apr. 12, 2006]

GovTrack.us, Public Data, and the Semantic Web By Joshua Tauberer
Joshua Tauberer takes over XML.com's Hacking Congress column to explain how he's using RDF and the Semantic Web to build a site that organizes U.S. federal government data. [Feb. 8, 2006]

Of Presidents and Ontologies By Paul Ford
At the pinnacle of election season in the U.S., Paul Ford returns with another Hacking Congress column. This time, Ford says things about the President using RDF and explains why the Semantic Web is about more than ontologies. [Nov. 3, 2004]

Stuck in the Senate By Paul Ford
Paul Ford discovers that creating a clean RDF representation of the United States Senate is harder than he thought, and goes back to fix his mistakes, delving into the mysterious world of URNs along the way. [Oct. 13, 2004]

Screenscraping the Senate By Paul Ford
In Paul Ford's first Hacking Congress column, he shows us how to turn information on the U.S. Senate site into RDF. [Sep. 1, 2004]