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Hacking the Library Kendall Clark tries to figure out if he can make the librarians and the geeks happy at the same time.
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Putting ISBNs to Work By Kendall Grant Clark
Continuing his "Hacking the Library" series, Kendall Clark starts the implementation of a web service tool to retrieve Library of Congress identifiers given the ISBN of a book. [Jun. 2, 2004]

Six Steps to LCC@Home By Kendall Grant Clark
Continuing "Hacking the Library", Kendall Clark shows how to use the Library of Congress Classification on your own book collection. [Apr. 28, 2004]

The Library of Congress Comes Home By Kendall Grant Clark
Embarking on his journey to organize our media collections, Kendall Clark explains how the Library of Congress classification system can be brought into our homes. [Mar. 17, 2004]

Geeks and the Dijalog Lifestyle By Kendall Grant Clark
Much as we'd like, our personal media collections will never be purely digital. Kendall Clark embarks on a new column dedicated to the application of geek know-how to managing the hybrid analog and digital media collections that we own. [Feb. 18, 2004]