XML DevCon Fall 2000 Coverage

November 22, 2000

Simon St. Laurent and Edd Dumbill

XML DevCon Fall 2000 was held in San Jose, in November 2000. writers were there to report on the proceedings. This coverage gives you a taste of the conference: community sessions, products from the show floor, keynotes and tutorial sessions.

Should XML Become a "Real" Standard?
By Edd Dumbill
XML standards developers gathered Monday night at XML DevCon Fall 2000 in San Jose to discuss the future of XML as a standard.

XMLDevCon2000 Showfloor highlights
By Simon St. Laurent
Simon St. Laurent uncovers a few gems on the XMLDevCon 2000 trade floor and explains their relevance to developers. Discoveries include XML Spy 3.5, XML Authority 2.0, and <xml>Transport and <xsl>Composer.

Embracing Web Services
By Edd Dumbill
Delivering a talk entitled "Web Services: Requirements, Challenges and Opportunities," Greg Hope laid down the future of web business as Microsoft sees it, and especially the role of XML technologies.

A Uniform Interface for Authoring
By Edd Dumbill
In the first session of the XML DevCon Fall 2000 conference, Greg Stein delivered an introduction to WebDAV, Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol.