Synex garners support

January 10, 1998

Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol 2, No 5
January, 1998

Synex Viewport Release 2.0, described in our coverage of the Barcelona conference, is now being shipped with XML support, although without full Unicode. The same impressive number of SGML viewing applications—including SoftQuad’s Panorama, Citec’s Multidocpro and Vicom’s Nereus, among others—are based on Viewport with the addition of integration from Texcel. Isogen, the SGML consulting group, demonstrated the integration of Viewport-based Panorama with the CGM package, IsoDraw.

Sörman’s Splitvision is a Viewport-based product for building interactive technical manuals that has been released since August. Since then, the small Swedish company has been customizing the viewer as a database management client for Oracle. The company is looking for resellers who can help it expand into the U.S. market. The IETM builder sells for $6,000 and the viewer ranges from $120 to $60 per seat, depending on volume.