Stilo’s new WebWriter supports XML

January 10, 1998

Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol 2, No 5
January, 1998

Stilo is a four-year-old, privately held company that provides SGML editing software, with special expertise in dealing with mathematics. Like other editing software vendors, it is hard at work on an XML editing package. The new package, WebWriter, is currently in beta test. A demo version is available on Stilo’s Web site ( Whereas the SGML editing package (also named "Stilo") is available for the Macintosh as well as Windows 95 and NT, WebWriter will not be available for the Macintosh, at least initially. Pricing for WebWriter has not yet been set, but we assume it will be lower than the $995 price of Stilo.

WebWriter differs from Stilo in that it doesn’t require a DTD ahead of time, but assembles a basic one during document creation. Thus, WebWriter provides a way for the author to add a new element—something that can’t be done in Stilo. The resulting DTD can be exported in either XML or SGML format.

In addition to the WebWriter project, Stilo is involved in the "Open Math" part of ESPRIT, a big European Commission project in document interchange. Among the users of its software, Stilo lists journal publishers, typesetting houses, universities and government publications offices.