Citec: editor designed for translators

January 10, 1998

Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol 2, No 5

Citec has an SGML browser built on the Synex Viewport engine to which it has added an editor geared to the requirements of document translation. The editor displays the source text in one window and decomposes the passages to be edited into a series of input fields in a second window. Initially, the input fields can be blank or can display the original language text. The two versions are kept in sync when either one is scrolled. The translated document is configurable, indicating which elements can be translated, which must be translated, and which elements, such as code fragments, must not be translated.

The translator can view the resulting document side by side with the original, applying the same style sheet to both. The editor reports the word and character counts of the translated text, parameters often important for billing.

The editor was developed for Nokia Telecommunications of Finland and other companies that use SGML as a source for translated technical documents. It sells for $995 per seat, with volume price breaks. Citec is a privately held Finnish company founded in 1984. The IT group has more than 40 employees working on its SGML product line.