Getting Real XML Applications

August 12, 1998

Lisa Rein and Tim Bray

OpenMLS's and 4thWORLD Telecom's implementation of XML for the real estate industry is one of the first real-world examples of XML in use. It shows how XML can bridge the gaps between disparate protocols, geographical locations, legacy software applications, and much, much more.

The potential for XML-enabled search engines also seems quite promising. L can be implemented server-side to create a sophisticated search application capable of serving pages in simple HTML. Using this technique, the information can be entered into the database by an end user via simple form-driven interface. Then searched using a similar interface, with results capable of being viewed in any browser.

At the same time, this information can be maintained and managed more effectively as XML.

This Real Estate Listing implementation is only an early example. In the next few months, we will start to see the numerous ways that XML is about to revolutionize how business is conducted all over the world.