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XML::SAX::ExpatXS 1.00
July 16, 2004
There is a new version on CPAN.
XML::Sablotron 1.01
July 16, 2004
A maintenance version Sablotron Perl wrapper is available.
XML::SAX::ExpatXS 0.99
June 7, 2004
An updated version of PerlSAX2 parser has been uploaded to CPAN.
XML::SAX::ExpatXS 0.98
April 13, 2004
The first stable beta version of a new PerlSAX2 parser built upon Expat and maintained by GA has been uploaded to CPAN.
Charlie 0.97
February 15, 2004
A new maintenance release of Charlie application framework has been made available for download.
Sablotron SuSE Linux Packages
January 8, 2004
Christian Ehrlicher announced the availability of Sablotron 1.0.1 SuSE Linux 8.1, 8.2 and 9.0 packages maintained thanks to the SIM project.
Full-text Search
December 4, 2003
There is a new facility for a full-text search in public mailing list archives maintained by GA.
Sablotron 1.0.1
November 25, 2003
The new maintenance version has been made available.
New JavaScript Packages
November 25, 2003
JavaScript packages for Sablotron (RPMs, Windows binaries) have been updated to version 1.5 rc5a.
XML::STX 0.42
October 10, 2003
The new version implements loops (stx:for-each-item, stx:while) and some missing functions. A GUI viewer of transformation sheets has been added to the distribution.
Sablotron - XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0 and DOM Level2 processor. Includes:
- Sablotron
- XML::Sablotron
- XML::SAXDriver::Sablotron
PerlRDF - RDF toolkit (parser, storage, query language). Includes:
- RDF::Core
- RDF::Notation3
Charlie - XML-based application framework
XML::STX - STX 1.0 processor - reference implementation
Mailing Lists - communication channels for users of Sablotron and other GA products.
Sablotron + Perl - a page on how to use Sablotron from Perl
Sablotron + PHP - running Sablotron from PHP; applications, tutorials, articles.
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