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February 23, 2001

Rael Dornfest

Thanks to the O'Reilly Network's Meerkat Open Wire Service, with a simple copy-and-paste, you can embed a live feed of the best of right into your Website.

  • The latest stories from the moment they're published
  • New entries in the comprehensive Resource Guide, edited and maintained by Contributing Editor Lisa Rein
  • XML News Headlines from The XML Cover Pages by Robin Cover (Sponsored by OASIS)

It's Easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Copy the following snippet of JavaScript:
  2. Paste this into the Web page of your choosing.
  3. Point your Web browser at your page and watch the content flow in.

A Touch of Style!

Now the feed is a little, shall we say, "style-free"! Thankfully, though, we include CSS stylesheet support for easy integration into the look-and-feel of your site.

The feed to your right was styled by adding the following simple snippet of CSS code:


  .meerkatTitle       { font-family: sans-serif; 

                        font-size: 9pt; 

                        font-weight: bold; 

                        color: black;            }

  .meerkatDescription { font-family: sans-serif; 

                        font-size: 8pt; 

                        color: black;            }

  .meerkatCategory    { font-family: sans-serif; 

                        font-size: 7pt; 

                        font-weight: bold; 

                        color: brown;            }

  .meerkatChannel     { font-family: sans-serif; 

                        font-size: 7pt; 

                        color: brown;            }

  .meerkatDate        { font-family: sans-serif; 

                        font-size: 7pt; 

                        color: green;            }


For more information on styling your feed, visit Meerkat's JavaScript Flavour.

RSS Syndication

If RSS is more your bag, you can grab a feed of the latest stories.

  • A rich RSS 1.0 feed:
  • RSS 0.91:

For more information about RSS, visit the O'Reilly Network RSS information center.

Even More Customization

Meerkat allows you to further customize your feed with just a parameter or three added to the URL. For more information, visit Meerkat's Recipes.

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