Visual Basic Special Edition

July 12, 2000

In our main feature, "XML and Visual Basic", Kurt Cagle outlines how the DOM and XSLT can be used from Visual Basic to create applications. He also shows how XSLT can in fact subsume a lot of tasks that previously required VB programming, and goes on to ask whether XML integration technologies might in the end spell doom for Visual Basic.

We also have two tutorials on using XML technologies with Visual Basic. In an article aimed at beginners with XML, "Visual Basic and the XML DOM: An Annotated Example", Mark and Tracey Wilson provide an annotated example of manipulating the XML DOM.

James Snell, author of an upcoming O'Reilly book on SOAP, provides a tutorial for advanced users on creating web services. He outlines the various caveats with using the Microsoft SOAP toolkit, and includes sample code to get you started running your own SOAP servers. Read more in "Exposing Application Services with SOAP".