Reports from XML'99

December 15, 1999

Edd Dumbill

Last week provided coverage of the GCA's XML'99 conference in Philadelphia. Over 2,200 delegates gathered to attend tutorials, see the products on show in the expo, and listen to the presentations.

Edd Dumbill and Simon St. Laurent reported daily from the show on, highlighting the major news and sessions together with information on interesting and innovative products from the expo. Lisa Rein was also out and about on the conference floor, gathering opinions from delegates on recent happenings in the XML world.

If you attended the conference, full proceedings are available online. To access these, you must use the username and password given you at the conference.

  • XML Processing with Python
    XML'99 got underway Sunday with tutorials from XML experts. Today we bring you a taste of those tutorials from Sean McGrath, who is teaching a course on XML with Python. Sean presents an overview of the popular language, and some sample XML processing programs.

  • XML Standards Update
    Simon St. Laurent analyzes the progress made by various industry consortia as presented to the XML'99 conference Monday morning.

  • Taking the Pulse of the XML Community
    The issues occupying the attention of attendees at XML'99 included schemas, translating legacy data, and XML query languages.

  • XML'99 Expo Update
    The expo at XML'99 saw many vendors presenting their new XML technologies. Simon St. Laurent takes a look at some of the most interesting and innovative products on show.

  • The Key Role of Open Source in XML
    Delivering the closing keynote of XML'99, Peter Murray-Rust told how XML had "changed his life" and stressed the importance of open source software to the development of XML.

  • XML '99: Quotes from the Conference Floor
    Lisa Rein was out and about at XML'99, gathering opinions from conference delegates.