Liquid XML 2017 Release

Liquid Technologies have announced the availability of Liquid XML 2017 product suite, providing many new features and enhancements plus general performance and stability improvements.

Liquid Studio 2017

Liquid Studio is a graphical XML Editor, JSON Editor, Data Mapper and Web ...

February 15, 2017 Read

Saxon-JS 1.0 released

Saxon-JS, an XSLT 3.0 run-time written in pure JavaScript, was released by Saxonica on February 7, 2017. It's designed to execute Stylesheet Export Files (an intermediate form of stylesheets compiled by Saxon-EE).

The first major release is designed ...

February 13, 2017 Read

BaseX 8.6: The Winter Edition

BaseX 8.6 is out! The new version of our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor includes countless improvements and optimizations. Many of them have been triggered by your valuable feedback, many others are the result of BaseX ...

January 24, 2017 Read

XSpec 0.5.0 released

Release v0.5.0 is the new XSpec release after 5 years. It includes new features like XSLT 3 support, JUnit report for integration with Continuous Integration tools, support for Saxon-B, etc. It also fixes long standing regression bugs as ...

January 16, 2017 Read

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