Fore - editing XML and JSON in the browser

Intoducing Fore

'Fore' is a pure client-side, declarative and open source XML editing solution for structured XML following the principles of the XForms 2.0 standard though taking some freedom here and there.

It is specifically suited to build complex, form-based …

March 1, 2022 Read

Xeditor v6.11.0: Xeditor got a new Look

The webbased XML editor got an overall styling rework with version 6.11.0 Xeditor for a cleaner and more modern look, in line with our corporate design.

The new layout includes stronger blue tones and finely tuned color nuances. Furthermore, contrasts …

February 14, 2022 Read

New Xeditor Documentation

Xpublisher just released its brand-new documentation for its XML editor Xeditor.

The documentation provides you with all the information you need to work with the online XML editor - from setup to individual configuration.

Whether you use a preconfigured schema …

February 7, 2022 Read

Saxonica is pleased to announce Saxon 11.1!

Saxonica is pleased to announce Saxon 11.1, major new releases of the Saxon family of XSLT and XQuery products. This release includes SaxonJ, the Java implementation, SaxonCS, the .NET implementation, and SaxonC, the C/C++ implementation, all built from common sources. …

February 6, 2022 Read

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