TEI Publisher 9 released

February 5, 2024

Submitted by Joern Turner.

TEI Publisher is a one-stop, Open Source cross-media publishing platform that turns all kinds of XML into appealing websites and/or ebooks, pdfs ... all based on Open Standards and with sustainability in mind.

TEI Publisher is hosted and coordinated by e-editiones.org - an association of Digital Edition projects, cultural heritage institutions and researchers.

The new release adds the following new major features...

IIIF Support improvements

IIIF presentation manifests are now supported and allow easy navigation within sets of images


New annotation editor design and features bring a more user friendly and ergonomic layout with additional capacity for AI-driven batch annotations and possibility to add or edit registry entries from within the editor.


Client-side URL routing

Construct URLs which are completely independent of the underlying data organisation, while making sure the user always sees the page in a consistent state.

See original TEI at https://github.com/GF-Corporate-Archives/gf-johann-conrad-fischer/blob/master/src/en/traveljournal-3.xml and how its rendered: https://www.johannconradfischer.com/en/1825/3

URL: https://www.johannconradfischer.com/en/1825/3

Enhanced Facets Viewing

The existing facetted search feature has been enhanced with a new autocomplete feature to find and select less frequent facet values.

For demos and more please visit us.





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