DeltaXML announce new SVG comparison capabilities in the latest release of XML Compare

November 15, 2022

Submitted by Mark Thomas.

DeltaXML announce the release of XML Compare 13 the latest version of the best-in-class XML comparison software. By popular demand, XML Compare 13 brings a change to the way that embedded SVG images are handled and now graphically highlights changes within the images themselves. Using customisable object styling, modifications are highlighted in the original and updated version of each image. While this markup works for all SVG content, it is most effective on images such as diagrams, flowcharts, and technical drawings where objects within the image are defined individually and changes include deletion, addition and movement of objects.

The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) XML format has been around for many years and has made its way into many other XML grammars such as DITA and DocBook. While DeltaXML products have included functionality to mark up differences in references to binary images, SVG has been treated as regular XML with changes marked up using XML Compare's standard delta format. Now with XML Compare 13 it offers high-accuracy SVG comparison, pinpointing exactly where images differ. Finding those reworked annotations or reconstructed components within a deeply technical diagram becomes a problem of the past.

"Sometimes, images go through a considerable amount of change from one version to the next. In those cases, the highlighting shown may become overwhelming in the result image," commented Tristan Mitchell, Product Director. "The SVG Compare feature includes a fallback mechanism that includes both versions of the image with no inner highlighting so that you can see the two original images within the context of the result."

SVG Comparison will roll out to the rest of DeltaXML's products shortly, including DITA and DocBook.


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