DeltaXML launch next SaaS Content Compare comparison tools - JATS, BITS & NISO-STS

November 15, 2022

Submitted by Mark Thomas.

DeltaXML announce the release of Content Compare for JATS, BITS and NISO-STS, which are the next releases in the new Content Compare set of SaaS comparison tools. JATS and BITS are widely used XML grammars for the interchange of journal articles and books between publishers and archives, whereas NISO-STS is used globally throughout national and international publishing standards organisations. DeltaXML customers often ask for a simple to use solution, that can quickly compare, produce great results and enable integration with a workflow or application.

Content Compare JATS understands structure and the software's sophisticated algorithms know how to move content to the appropriate place highlighting what has been added or removed. Articles A and B are compared, with change that matters marked up and placed into the B article. The structure of content in A is considered and the content is placed in the appropriate position in the structure of the B article. This process considers both the order of the content and position to ensure a good result which can be viewed in the chosen article.

Ignoring the structure and considering order and position, crucially retains the schema, allowing you to quickly read and easily review the changes in the chosen article. No other product can do this. Whilst this is important for journals and books using the JATS and BITS grammars, comparing published NISO-STS documents is essential for those using standards for compliance particularly in regulated industries.

"We're aware that academic articles often undergo reordering and reorganisation, which involves a lot of structural change" commented Tristan Mitchell, Product Director. "Content Compare ignores all of that noise and focuses purely on modifications to the content itself. We ignore the structure and align only the content to ensure your content remains readable." For anyone with several contributors or editors making amendments to the content which needs to be reconciled, reviewed and approved, Content Compare provides possibly the best solution for great results when comparing JATS, BITS or STS documents.

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