DeltaXML launch new SaaS comparison tool for S1000D

October 12, 2022

Submitted by Mark Thomas.

Compare S1000D content with speed and precision even after major structural shifts.

DeltaXML announce the release of a new SaaS based comparison tool for S1000D. Content Compare S1000D is the quickest, most reliable comparison solution for those needing to find content differences between two S1000D documents. Two files are compared with the content changes marked up directly into a B document, exactly where they were found, retaining the validity of the document schema.

Content Compare S1000D produces great results because it ignores structure and aligns only content, crucially allowing the document to remain valid. The documents are compared, and change is marked up then added to the appropriate place in the master document. By analysing the order and position of content, it is able to identify where the the text has changed even if split out across several paragraphs; paragraphs that have been transformed into lists or have had additional sections added.

Content Compare can be easily integrated with existing enterprise workflows, applications or content management systems; using the REST API you can easily be up and running in minutes. Alternatively, the output can be marked up for oXygen XL Editor or S1000D 'changeInLine' depending on your editor of choice, with other options coming soon to support tools such as Arbortext.

For anyone that doesn't have the time or resources to write XML processing for S1000D documents but wants to see content changes from another document quickly and easily, Content Compare S1000D proides a simple, cost-effective solution.

"This is an exciting new direction for DeltaXML providing comparison as a SaaS tool" commented Tristan Mitchell, Product Director. "Customers can get a great result without lots of configuration or expertise - our solution does all the work." With additional SaaS products in the pipeline for XML grammars such as JATS, BITS, NISO-STS and XSL-FO, DeltaXML is aiming to provide the de facto comparison tool where change matters to organisations.

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