Release of XMLmind XML Editor v10.1

April 26, 2022

Submitted by Hussein SHAFIE, XMLmind Software.

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v10.1


  • Add-on "WebDAV virtual drive plug-in" version 3.0 is now available. This new implementation uses software component Apache HttpComponents Client v5.1.3 as its underlying HTTP client. If you need this add-on, please download it and install it using "Options|Install Add-ons".
  • The "FTP virtual drive plug-in" now supports proxy connections other than SOCKS.
  • "FlatLaf Look and Feel" add-on: updated FlatLaf to version 2.1.
  • "Edit source" add-on: upgraded its RSyntaxTextArea components to version 3.2.0.
  • Upgraded XMLmind Assembly Processor to version 1.1.1.
  • Upgraded XMLmind Web Help Compiler (whc for short) to version 3.3.1.
  • Upgraded XMLmind DITA Converter (ditac for short) to version 3.10.1, which fixes bugs related to <navtitle>.
  • Upgraded XMLmind Ebook Compiler (ebookc for short) to version 1.5.1.
  • Upgraded the "Word To XML" add-on to XMLmind Word To XML version 1.8.6.
  • Upgraded the XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (XFC for short) plug-in to version 6.3.2.
  • Upgraded Saxon to version 10.8.
  • Upgraded the Apache FOP plug-in to version 2.7.
  • XMLmind XML Editor is now officially supported on Java™ 18 platforms.

Bug fixes:

  • DITA and LwDITA configurations: two bugs related to the styled view of a topicref:
    1. Attribute locktitle was considered to be inheritable by the styled view, which is not the case.
    2. The navtitle attribute or element was rendered when present, independently of the value of attribute locktitle.

      Now, unless attribute locktitle=yes and a navtitle attribute or element is present, it is the titlealts/navtitle descendant element or the title child element of the referenced topic which is rendered by the styled view of a topicref.

  • CSS proprietary extension: the gauge content object: the resize cursor was displayed when hovering the whole gauge and not just when hovering the resize thumb.
  • Workaround for what seems to be a Java bug (JViewport.BLIT_SCROLL_MODE; Linux only): when scrolling the tree view of a large XML document, some lines were duplicated and/or garbled.
  • Opening a large document written in a language other than English and having no or incorrect lang or xml:lang attributes took a very long time due to the very large number of spelling errors to be displayed. Now the automatic (AKA on-the-fly) spell checker has a built-in limit of 20 000 spelling errors. Once this limit is reached, the automatic spell checker displays an information dialog box explaining what's happening and stops underlining misspelled words.
  • On Windows, when using any Java™ runtime more recent than version 1.8 (AKA Java 9+), XXE did not pick the display scaling (e.g. 125%) specified in Settings > System > Display, "Scale and layout" section.

Possible incompatibilities:

  • In order to go on with the removal of “dead code” started in version 10.0, removed command showTags and action setStyleSheetAction.

What is XMLmind XML Editor?

Home page: http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/

Personal Edition is free to use by many persons and organizations. Download: http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/download.shtml


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