Fore - editing XML and JSON in the browser

March 1, 2022

Submitted by Joern Turner.

Intoducing Fore

'Fore' is a pure client-side, declarative and open source XML editing solution for structured XML following the principles of the XForms 2.0 standard though taking some freedom here and there.

It is specifically suited to build complex, form-based editing front-ends but can also be used to implement complete data-driven applications.

It is pure client-side library implemented as a set of plain-vanilla Web Components, needing no special framework to run. It is written in ES6 JavaScript.

It supports XQuery/XPath 3.1 as expression language via the fantastic fontoXPath library. Alongside XML Fore can also handle JSON via the XPath map syntax.

Yesterday a new prerelease version 1.0.0-3 has been released on Github and NPM. It is already pretty stable and has successfully replaced an older, quite complex betterFORM application and is used in several applications in production already. Current version features 200-300 faster refresh performance, an implementation of variables and a modal dialog with its actions.

Fore is published under the MIT License.

If you have form applications driven by XML and JSON you should give Fore a try at Github.




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