Text Alignment Network version 2021 released

September 14, 2021

Submitted by Joel Kalvesmaki.

Text Alignment Network version 2021 has been released: textalign.net

Much has changed since the 2020 version of TAN. For a full list, see the change log. Some highlights:

  • Conversion to XSLT 3.0
  • Thorough reorganization of all digital resources
  • Applications have been sorted into applications and utilities, and given names, versions, and other documentation. Applications and utilities have a single point of entry focused exclusively on documentation and parameters, to make them more user-friendly.
  • New to applications: Tangram, to detect text reuse across two groups of texts. Optimized for classical Greek and Latin texts.
  • The TAN function library has expanded to more than 250 public functions, including:
    • Checksums (Fletcher, MD-5);
    • Maps and arrays, including conversions to XML serialization, and deep operations;
    • tan:chop-tree(), to cut a tree fragment into slices.
    • Conversions across numerous numeric and data types (base-2 binary, bitwise binary, base64binary, octets, etc.)
    • tan:diff() greatly augmented, now running about 40% more efficiently
  • The TAN framework makes importing TAN utilities and applications and TAN Oxygen author tools easier.

New developments will be posted at the dev branch of the git repository.

News items may be commercial in nature and are published as received.