RumbleDB 1.14.0 "Acacia" beta

July 7, 2021

Submitted by Ghislain Fourny.

RumbleDB 1.14.0 "Acacia" beta is now available. It is a free and open source JSONiq engine that allows querying massive amounts of JSON, Parquet, Avro, etc, stored on your local drive or a data lake (S3, HDFS...).

It features an experimental implementation of user-defined object types using the JSound Compact Syntax, which internally leads to faster execution with DataFrames. The JSound Compact syntax (www.jsound-spec.org) was co-designed with Dana Florescu, Cezar Andrei, Jonathan Robie and Pavel Velikhov. Just like JSONiq is largely inspired by XQuery, JSound is largely inspired by XML Schema and brings the best XML has to offer into the JSON and DataFrames world.


The Machine Learning library is also more mature, works at scale with large datasets as well, and supports Machine Learning pipelines.


As a consequence, RumbleDB allows you to discover, clean up, prepare, normalize, validate and annotate your data to then perform training and prediction via your favorite Machine Learning pipelines, from the one and same high-level query language and in the popular Jupyter notebooks.

It is free and open source as always (coming from the academic world), and ideal for teaching:


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