Late-breaking News, Pre-conference Events, and Sponsor Presentations added to Balisage 2021 Program

June 16, 2021

Submitted by Tommie Usdin.

The Balisage 2021 program has grown! 

  • Late-breaking News
  • Pre-conference Sessions
  • Sponsor Presentations

See details at: https://www.balisage.net/2021/Program.html

Register at: https://www.balisage.net/registration.html

Late-breaking News 

    8 new presentations have been added to the program. When the regular (peer-reviewed) part of the Balisage program was scheduled, a few slots on program were reserved for presentation of “Late-breaking” material.  

    Proposals for late-breaking slots were submitted in June. Because of the short timeframe, decisions were made by the Balisage conference committee, instead of being made in the course of the regular peer review process.

Pre-conference Sessions 

    On both the Saturday and the Sunday before Balisage we will host pre-conference sessions that include:

  • assistance getting connected for attendees new to Whova, the conference portal
  • social time, to meet and greet fellow Balisage attendees
  • a conference presentation, with Questions and Answers
  • additional social time

   Why? To help attendees get comfortable with the conference portal, to help get us all actively involved in Balisage, and to stretch Balisage: The Markup Conference to a full week.

Sponsor Sessions

   Balisage is grateful for the support of our sponsors. Product-based presentations are discouraged on the Balisage program. However, we recognize that none of us does any work without tools. In Sponsor Sessions, some of our sponsors share information about their tools. 

Questions: info@balisage.net

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