Saxon-JS 2.2 released

May 11, 2021

Submitted by Norm Tovey-Walsh.

Saxonica is pleased to announce the release of Saxon-JS 2.2 for both Node.js and the browser.

Saxon-JS is a high-performance XSLT 3.0 processor. It conforms with the latest W3C specifications (notably XSLT 3.0 and XPath 3.1), together with extensions designed to meet the needs of modern web applications.

The Saxon-JS 2.2 release is a maintenance release containing bug fixes.

The most significant change in this release is that Saxon-JS running on Node.js no longer creates a “SaxonJS” global object. This means it plays nice with frameworks like Electron and Webpack.

Other notable bug fixes in this release:

  • The xpath-default-namespace is now honored in ixsl:* instructions.
  • The -xp option on xslt3.js now supports -json to load a JSON document.

  • The xslt3.js command line processor handles filenames with spaces.

  • The Saxon.XPath.evaluate() function no longer fails when a function refers to the static context. 

For a more detailed summary of bug fixes, see the release notes: https://www.saxonica.com/saxon-js/release-notes.xml


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