Saxon-JS 2.1 released

March 9, 2021

Submitted by Norm Tovey-Walsh.

Saxon-JS 2.1, released 2 March 2021, is a maintenance release for Saxon-JS running on web browsers and Node.js.

In addition to resolving more than sixty issues, support has been added for providing JSON documents as the principal input to a transformation. On Node.js, there's (somewhat experimental) support for evaluating XPath expressions directly on source documents. On the browser, XSLT event handlers can now react to the resize and focus events.

Saxon-JS is a high-performance XSLT 3.0 processor that runs either in the browser, or on Node.js. It conforms with the latest W3C specifications (notably XSLT 3.0 and XPath 3.1), together with extensions designed to meet the needs of modern web applications. 

For more information see https://www.saxonica.com/saxon-js/index.xml

About Saxonica

Saxonica was founded in 2004 by Michael Kay, developer of the Saxon product, to bring what until then had been an open-source product to the commercial market. The company was created to ensure continued investment in moving the Saxon technology forwards, and remove the risk associated with using open-source software that has no support infrastructure. Over the years Saxonica has been operating, this strategy has proved successful in providing quality products and services to both the commercial and open source user communities.

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