BaseX 9.4: The Summer Edition

July 14, 2020

Submitted by Christian Grün.

We are glad to give you Version 9.4 of BaseX, our XML framework, database system and XQuery 3.1 processor: https://basex.org.

We have focused on rewriting and optimizing complex XQuery code and speeding up your RESTXQ apps:



- DBA: support for millions of log entries

- LOGTRACE option: write trace output to logs or STDERR

- rest:init: Full or partial initialization of RESTXQ cache

- basexhttp: register job services



- result view: show number of results and result size

- Shift F4-F7: toggle search options (case, regeex, ..)

- Ctrl-Shift-B: jump to matching bracket



- single lock option for reading and updating queries

- Java bindings: annotation added for updating functions



- convenience functions: json:doc, csv:doc, html:doc

- element names: convert:encode-key, convert:decode-key

- jobs:eval: option added for writing log entries

- session module: only create new sessions if required



- boolean comparisons: flatten nested expressions

- boolean expressions: merge conjunctions

- comparisons: simplify operands with if expression

- database functions: always open at compile time

- databases: propagate to more expressions at compile time

- filters: inline context for single items

- filters: rewrite to simple maps

- FLWOR: inline where clauses into let clauses

- FLWOR: merge last with return clause, rewrite to simple map

- FLWOR: rewrite "return if ..." to "where ... return"

- fn:for-each, fn:filter: rewrite to FLWORs and filters

- if expression, EBV tests: simplify boolean tests

- lists, sets, logical expressions: flatten expressions

- lists: rewrite to union expressions

- logical expressions: apply more boolean algebra rules

- paths: remove redundant predicates

- predicates with name functions: rewrite to name tests

- predicates: merge expressions, discard redundant tests

- predicates: remove of superfluous and redundant tests

- set expressions: merge operands

- simple map: inline cast expressions

- simple maps: faster evaluation

- simple maps: merge operands

- simple maps: rewrite to paths, optimize for index access

- switch: rewrite to if expression

- types: skip redundant checks, promotions  and conversions


For a more comprehensive list of added and updated features, check out our documentation (docs.basex.orgdocs.basex.org) and check out the GitHub issues (github.com/BaseXdb/basex/issues).

Have fun,

Your BaseX Team


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