xquery-intellij-plugin 1.6.2

May 4, 2020

Submitted by Reece H. Dunn.

The xquery-intellij-plugin adds XQuery language support to IntelliJ, and XQuery/XSLT vendor integration. XSLT and XPath support is in development. It supports:

  1. Full XQuery 1.0-3.1, XPath 2.0-3.1 language with Full Text, Updating, Scripting, BaseX, MarkLogic, and Saxon extensions;
  2. Running and profiling supported query types in BaseX, eXist-db, MarkLogic, and Saxon query processors;
  3. Viewing BaseX and MarkLogic logs;
  4. IntelliJ language integration, such as code folding, structure view, breadcrumbs, and documentation.

Plugin Page: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8612-xquery-intellij-plugin

GitHub: https://github.com/rhdunn/xquery-intellij-plugin

Changes in 1.6.2:

MarkLogic Rewriter XML Integration

  1. Use the regular expression language for matches attributes.
  2. Add code completion support for match-accept, match-content-type, match-execute-privilege, match-header, and match-method elements.
  3. Support resolving dispatch, set-error-handler, and set-path to the XQuery/MJS/SJS file they reference.
  4. Add a line marker to XQuery files referenced in a rewriter file.

Run Configurations

  1. Support stopping Saxon queries.
  2. Fix running/profiling update queries on MarkLogic 10.
  3. Fix using BaseX in a language other than English.

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