Markup UK Webinars in June

May 25, 2020

Submitted by Ari Nordström.

With half the globe in lockdown or just out of it, a physical Markup UK conference is not an option. There's nothing stopping a webinar, however, so Markup UK will be offering a series of them throughout June, free of charge.

It's the year of XProc - XProc 3.0 is now close to finished - so spec editors Achim Berndzen and Erik Siegel will guide us through the new XProc version, from two introductory sessions to JSON manipulation and a closing Q&A session.

Also, David Maus will show us how to customize Schematron validation reports by using a callback API based on the xsl:import instruction.

We've published a preliminary schedule at https://markupuk.org/schedule.html and registration will open soon. We hope you can all join!

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