Balisage 2020 Goes Virtual!

May 10, 2020

Submitted by B. Tommie Usdin via xsl-list mailing list.

VIRTUAL - Balisage will be an all virtual conference this year, no in-hotel meeting, just faces and presentations on screens.

(Online platform to be named later.)

FORMAT and SCHEDULE - We have an all new format and daily schedule this year because we will be attending from all over the planet:

- Balisage will be a 5-day program (Accessibility Symposium   and Conference have been rolled into a single event.)

- Days are shorter and more intense (starting later   and ending earlier). Look for the Program next week!

LATE-BREAKING - Four slots have been left for late-breaking submissions.

ENCORE PRESENTATIONS - Balisage is asking for the best markup presentations from other conferences and meetings, which we will use to fill in if technical glitches impede a scheduled speaker.

Come to Balisage 2020 from the comfort of your living room!


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