eXist-db 3.5.0 Released

September 28, 2017

Submitted by Adam Retter.

We are very pleased to announce the release of eXist-db v3.5.0. eXist-db is the most popular Open Source NoSQL XML Native Database and XQuery Application Platform.

New Features

  • Improvements to Core Level 1 DOM compliance.
  • Implemented missing functions fn:tokenize#1 and fn:node-name#0.
  • Regular Expressions are now Cached (e.g. fn:analyze-string, fn:matches, fn:replace, fn:tokenize and util:get-fragment-between).
  • Updated the EXPath HTTP Client:
  • Added support for non-chunked HTTP 1.1.
  • Pools connections to improve performance.
  • Added support for SNI (Server Name Identification).
  • Fixed DOM issues with namespace URI handling.
  • Upgraded to Jetty 9.4.6.v20170531.
  • Upgraded to Apache Tika 1.16.
  • Upgraded to Apache FOP 2.2 and improve FO processor logging.
  • Upgraded various dependencies to the latest versions (Caffeine, Apache Commons, j8fu, Jackson, Jing, Log4J, Quartz Scheduler, and Slf4j).
  • The data directories and memory settings can now be templated via build.properties.


The bundled applications of the Demo Apps, Documentation, eXide, Function Docs, and Monex have all been updated to the latest versions.

Bug fixes

  • Mixed-Content is now correctly serialized to JSON rather than skipper.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when updating an attribute on an element in the non-default namespace which had a Lucene index defined.
  • Arrow operator now works correctly again in user defined functions.
  • Fixed selection of Processing Instructions by target.
  • Fixed a locking issue when writing temporary documents.
  • Fixed a Transaction Closed log warning in the XML:DB API.
  • Extensions are now also signed as part of the installer.
  • Fixed an issue with quoted paths and white-space in Windows batch files.
  • Node#hasChildNodes no longer includes attributes.
  • Fixed parameter handling bugs in the functions fn:tokenize#2, and fn:tokenize#3.
  • Fixed the handling of q and x regex flags for fn:matches, fn:replace and fn:tokenize.
  • Fixed the fn:local-name#0, fn:name#0 and fn:namespace-uri#0 functions to correctly work with the context item.
  • The embedded Jetty server now uses the JVM's temporary folder for temporary files.
  • Fixed compatibility with Eclipse IDE project files.
  • Corrected the description of the xmldb:clear-lock function.

Backwards Compatibility

eXist-db v3.5.0 is backwards binary-compatible as far as v3.0, but not with earlier versions. Users upgrading from previous versions should perform a full backup and restore to migrate their data.

Downloading This VersionĀ 

eXist-db v3.5.0 is available for download from Bintray. Maven artifacts for eXist-db v3.5.0 are available from our mvn-repo. Mac users of the Homebrew package repository may acquire eXist 3.5.0 directly from there.

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