data2check – an online service for checking Word, InDesign and EPUB files for correctness

June 8, 2017

Submitted by Teona Georgievska.

With the help of this service Word, InDesign and EPUB files can be checked for correctness and can be converted into XML,DITA,DocBook and other XML structures. 

What is checked?

  • Document structure
  • Check for: unknown styles, incorrect use of paragraph and character styles, used styles for the first paragraph, checking for the correct hierarchy in the document structure 
  • Word components
  • Permit or prohibit: pictures (different formats), text boxes, shapes, charts, non-Word objects, change tracking, comments
  • Find and replace rules
  • Regex support, comment function, also replacement of search term without notification
  • XML transformation
  • Renaming, unwrapping and deleting styles into XML tags

What are the output documents?
  • Exact copy of the document including error comments
  • XML version of the document
  • HTML check report
  • XML report (SVRL)
  • DITA
  • DocBook

Possible use case scenarios?
  • Publishing company makes quality assurance for its InDesign documents
  • Publishing or typesetting companies use the service for their copyediting support
  • Authors write their documents according to the style guidelines of the publisher and then the authors can check their documents on their own
  • Self-publishers write in Word and transform the documents via XML into PDF/EPUB
  • In the technical documentation many documents are also written in Word. Quality assurance can be made for these documents and a later migration to an editorial system can be made easier
  • Big companies need migration of large numbers of documents to XML or DITA
  • Content Management Systems need to add new features for proofing

Usage models
  • www.data2check.de
  • Web access with user interface for configuring and testing. Programming skills are not necessary 
  • Set up the service on a local computer
  • Integration into a CMS for extended configuration and individual customization

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