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Posted: 5 May 2022

IQ PARTNERS (Recruitment Agency)

USA (Remote work; applicants from other countries welcome)

Contact: jgilbert@iqpartners.com

Job Description

(Remote work) – Fulltime or Contract

Our clients are Canadian and US Government. Government experience is an asset.

The company’s engineering team is currently adding functionality to its primary product platform, which is an XML editor designed specifically for legislation. After orientation and training, new team members will work on a variety of tasks with the editor, from new product features to maintenance upgrades; team members may also be asked to assist with company product implementation team on deploying platform in customer environments (plugin modules, configurations, and more).

Candidates must be able to demonstrate expertise in several of the following applications, which drive LegisPro and our customer implementations: ● Advanced DOM4 ● XML Schema ● XPath ● Akomo Ntoso (desireable) ● Event Handling ● JavaScript (ES6) ● HTML 5 ● CSS/LESS ● Advanced XML (as a document, not data)

To apply, please email resume and contact details to: jgilbert@iqpartners.com