Norm Tovey-Walsh

Norm Tovey-Walsh is a Senior Software Developer at Saxonica who has been actively involved with XML and related technologies for almost three decades. He is currently a member of the Invisible XML (iXML) community group, and has an iXML implementation in active development, alongside his XProc processor, XML Calabash.

At the W3C, Norm was chair of the XML Processing Model Working Group, co-chair of the XML Core Working Group, and an editor in the XQuery and XSLT Working Groups. He served for several years as an elected member of the Technical Architecture Group. At OASIS, he was chair of the DocBook Technical Committee for many years and is the author of DocBook: The Definitive Guide.

Norm and his wife live by the sea, in a house which was originally a Victorian grocery store.

Articles by this author

Invisible XML

Norm Tovey-Walsh introduces Invisible XML, a language for describing the implicit structure of data, and a set of technologies for making that structure explicit as XML markup.

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