Mukul Gandhi

Mukul started his career in the IT industry in 1996, after obtaining a degree in Computer Science from MNNIT Allahabad. Soon after the XML standard was released, he got a chance to work on XML and related technologies in the projects from various customers. He has worked with XSLT and XPath earlier, extensively. More recently he has been working on the XML schema technologies and in particular the W3C XML Schema language. He assisted the XML Schema WG, by contributing numerous XML Schema 1.1 test cases while he was part of the team that developed Xerces-J's XML Schema 1.1 processor. Other than XML, he has worked with the IT technologies in areas like application integration, relational databases, and mobile apps among other things. Mukul has also authored a book titled, "W3C XML Schema 1.1 for Beginners" (Amazon.com link) that was published in 2014.

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