Liam R E Quin

Liam Quin is the founder of Delightful Computing, a Canadian firm specializing in XSLT and XML-related training and consulting as well as document conversion.

Liam has been working with digital typography since the early 1980s, was at SoftQuad working on text formatting and on SGML software as well as helping customers use SGML to solve problems; he was involved in the creation of XML and worked at W3C (the publishers of XML itself) from 2001 to 2018.

Liam lives in Canada on an island in Lake Ontario not too far from Kingston. He’s also responsible for FromOldBooks, a site with pictures and extracts from (as you might guess) old books.

He is one of the authors of Beginning XML, published by Wiley / Wrox, as well as several other books.

Articles by this author

XPath 3: Conversations and Bridges

XPath and the languages that use it - XSLT, XQuery, XForms, Schematron and many more - share with natural language that you can say things in many ways. XPath 3 adds new ways of saying things that can be both exciting and sometimes a little daunting. Let’s look at some new operators in XPath 3 and see how they can make things clearer and how to use them to write XPath expressions that are clearer and easier to read.

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