Topic Maps Now

Michel Biezunski
Topic maps is a way of organizing information that is seldom in the news these days. One of the foremost practitioners describes topic maps, the relationship to some other technologies, and his assessment of the current status.

23 June 2017 Read

The role of UBL in disintermediating procurement and transportation processes

G. Ken Holman
Peer-to-peer blockchain users have long accepted (or leveraged in the case of drug dealers and ransom seekers) the anonymity provided in transactions and the lack of a paper trail. Blockchain users are increasingly seeking to use the blockchain for legal business trading, meeting their obligations for documenting the procurement and transportation steps of a transaction. UBL provides the means to do so in an internationally-standardized XML document vocabulary.

20 June 2017 Read

Simplifying XML: MicroXML

Uche Ogbuji
The XML specification has many complex areas, largely for historical reasons, and the widely used XML Namespaces specification compounds the complexity. There has always been interest in simplifying XML at its bedrock layer, and a community group created MicroXML, a specification that reduces XML, entirely specified, to around 8 pages even while adding a data model, which is not part of XML 1.0. MicroXML is backwards compatible yet far simpler and more secure than XML 1.0, introduced in this second article of the Simplifying XML series.

3 June 2017 Read