Simplifying XML

Uche Ogbuji
There is a great deal of complexity to the XML technology stack which has not proven necessary considering the profile of XML use in practice. XML users would benefit greatly from a round of simplification to improve efficiency of processors and reduce hostility among mainstream developers. This is also key to preserving and perhaps boosting XML's relevance. This article is first in a series advocating particular steps to such simplification.

8 March 2017 Read

Balisage - The Markup Conference - August 2016

Liam Quin
Balisage is one of several annual XML conferences. It’s not only the longest-running, continuing a heritage that began in SGML days, but it's probably the only conference that combines digital humanities, commerce and business, philosophy and poetry. Read more about why you should go to Balisage!

4 January 2017 Read