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Extended XQuery for SOA By Dino Fancellu, Edmund Gimzewski
Web service orchestration is an important part of web services and service oriented architecture. Gimzewski and Fancellu argue that XQuery is especially well-suited as an implementation language for service orchestrator components. [Sep. 14, 2007]

A New Identity for Web Services By Jason Levitt
Jason Levitt describes the newly burgeoning field of web authentication APIs, including Yahoo's BBAuth and Google's AuthSub. [Jun. 13, 2007]

Secure, Reliable Web Services with Apache By Kyle Gabhart
Kyle Gabhart returns with another look at part of the growing support for web services and SOA in Apache, this time focusing on secure messaging. [May. 2, 2007]

Generating RSS with XSLT and Amazon ECS By Craig Noeldner, Brian Swan
Craig Noeldner and Brian Swan show us how to generate RSS feeds using the XSLT web service offered by Amazon's ECS. [Aug. 30, 2006]

Implementing the Atom Publishing Protocol By Joe Gregorio
Joe Gregorio's latest Restful Web column implements the Atom Publishing Protocol as a Python web service using WSGI. [Jul. 19, 2006]

httplib2: HTTP Persistence and Authentication By Joe Gregorio
In this latest Restful Web column, Joe Gregorio explains HTTP persistent connections, pipelining, and the sad state of HTTP authentication. [Mar. 29, 2006]

How eBay Uses Metadata to Enhance Its Web Services By Alan Lewis
Alan Lewis, an eBay developer, explains how the auction giant uses metadata to enhance the documentation of its complex e-commerce web services. [Sep. 28, 2005]

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 [Aug. 15, 2005]

A Bright, Shiny Service: Sparklines By Joe Gregorio
Joe Gregorio describes how to implement a sparklines web service and web application, and also provides Python and Javascript code for both. Very Web 2.0! [Jun. 22, 2005]

SOA Made Real By Rich Salz
In his latest column, Rich Salz puts his money where his mouth is by showing how to use his style of WSDL and XML schema to build the client side of a geolocation web service. [May. 18, 2005]

April Fool's Wisdom By Micah Dubinko
In this week's XML-Deviant column, Micah Dubinko reminds us that even playful messages to the XML-DEV mailing list have a serious footing. [Apr. 13, 2005]

SOA Made Simple By Rich Salz
Rich Salz shows us how to create WSDL descriptions of web services simply and easily, using rather a lot of boilerplate. [Mar. 30, 2005]

Tracking Packages with RSS By Yakov Shafranovich
Using XSLT and UPS's Web services, Yakov Shafranovich builds a package tracking app with RSS. [Mar. 16, 2005]

The xml:id Conundrum By Rich Salz
Rich Salz asks how the xml:id conundrum, and the interaction with XML Canonicalization, should be solved. [Feb. 23, 2005]

REST Reporting By Eric Gropp
Eric Gropp describes the design of a REST web service for creating paper reports using XSLT and XSLFO. [Feb. 16, 2005]

Freeze the Core By Rich Salz
Rich Salz explains how and why the web services stack is ready now, and why we should leave good enough alone. [Jan. 12, 2005]

SAML 2: The Building Blocks of Federated Identity By Paul Madsen
Paul Madsen reports on the developments in web services security, including a new major release of SAML, which provides the basis for building federated identity. [Jan. 12, 2005]

Amazon's Simple Queue Service By Joe Gregorio
In Joe Gregorio's latest Restful Web column, he explains that Amazon's Simple Queue Service, a web service offering a queue for reliable storage of transient messages, isn't as RESTful as it claims. [Jan. 5, 2005]

Fun with Amazon's Simple Queue Service By Jason Levitt
Jason Levitt offers a detailed introduction to Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS), as well as a sample chat room application using client-side Javascript and Amazon's SQS. [Jan. 5, 2005]

XSLT Web Service Clients By Bob DuCharme
Bob DuCharme shows how easily XSLT processors can retrieve and use data from RESTful web services. [Dec. 1, 2004]

How to Create a REST Protocol By Joe Gregorio
In his first installment of XML.com's new column, The Restful Web, Joe Gregorio, one of the people behind Atom, explains how to use REST to create an application protocol in four easy steps. [Dec. 1, 2004]

WSDL 2: Just Say No By Rich Salz
Rich Salz returns to XML.com, after a long absence, to explain why WSDL 2 is so flawed. [Nov. 17, 2004]

Implementing XML Signatures in WSS4J By Bilal Siddiqui
Bulding on previous Java Web Services Security columns, Bilal Siddiqui shows us how to implement XML signature support. [Oct. 20, 2004]

Implementing XML Signatures in WSS4J-Backup By Bilal Siddiqui
Bulding on previous Java Web Services Security columns, Bilal Siddiqui shows us how to implement XML signature support. [Oct. 20, 2004]

Rainy Day XML By John E. Simpson
In John E. Simpson's latest XML Tourist column he explains how to use XML to survive yet another Florida hurricane. [Sep. 29, 2004]

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