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4Suite Server Overview

This page provides a technical overview of 4Suite Server (4SS), a.k.a. 4Suite Python XML Server, which builds on the 4Suite collection of Python tools for XML processing and database man... [Jun. 4, 2001]


Different XML tools are suitable for different projects. Ælfred concentrates on optimising speed and size rather than error-reporting, so it is most useful for deployment over the Internet. Æl... [Aug. 25, 1998]

Electric XML

Electric XML is an open source Java-based XML parser designed to have a small memory footprint and an intuitive operation as part of the GLUE distributed computing platform. Electric XML parses Do... [May. 22, 2001]

ESPX - an ECMAScript Parser for XML

This is a download link for ECMAScript Parser for XML (ESPX), a parser for a subset of XML 1.0, coded in ECMAScript. It is strictly ECMAScript compliant. ESPX is a non-validating parser and there ... [Feb. 4, 2001]

eXML The Eiffel XML Parser Toolkit

eXML 0.1.7 is an XML parser toolkit for the Eiffel language that provides both an event based parser and a tree based parser. It currently uses expat (version 1.0.2) as a backend parser, but is deve... [Jun. 23, 2000]

Expat - XML Parser Toolkit

This is the URL for expat 1.2, the last major production release of expat by James Clark. In addition to fixing several bugs, this version adds support for parsing external Document Type Definitio... [Oct. 9, 2000]


An XML parser C library inspired by SimpleXML for PHP.... [Oct. 27, 2004]


FastXML is a prototype of component software for processing XML and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) that is compatible with MSXML3 and optimized for speed. The developer cla... [May. 14, 2001]

fxp: functional XML parser

Version 1.2 of fxp (June 7, 1999 release) is a validating XML parser written in Standard ML. New features in this version include full support for XML Catalog syntax, support for retrieval of non-loc... [Jun. 19, 1999]


HXML is a Haskell-based non-validating XML parser that employs lazy evaluation, where an evaluation is not performed unless and until its result is needed, to keep memory requirements low (see HaXml... [Mar. 11, 2002]

IBM's XML for Java EA2

IBM's XML for Java EA2 is a Java-based validating parser that been updated (as of October 8, 1999) to support SAX 2, have limited support for the 9/24/1999 XML Schema Working Draft, and limited suppor... [Oct. 17, 1999]

INFO: How to Redistribute the Microsoft XML Parser

This article provides instructions for developers on obtaining and redistributing Microsoft XML (MSXML) parsers. Links are given for the MSXML 2.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) containing MSXML 2.5, the M... [Feb. 21, 2001]

Java Project X TR2

This Technology Release 2 is a maintenance release including many bug fixes. The source code is available under a commercial license, but this release is experimental and is not supported.... [Sep. 27, 1999]


libxml is an XML C library developed for the Gnu's Not Unix Network Object Model Environment (Gnome) project. It has both a Document Object Model (DOM) interface, and a (SAX) -like interface desi... [Sep. 19, 2000]

Microsoft System.XML (.NET XML Parser)

Microsoft System.XML is the official XML processing API for Microsoft .NET. The recently released Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which included Microsoft System.XML 2.0. Stylus Studio provides fully in...

Microsoft XML Parser Version 3.0 Release (MSXML3)

This is the release page for Microsoft XML Parser Version 3.0 Release (MSXML 3.0) and the MSXML 3.0 SDK (Software Development Kit). This update to the MSXML 2.5 parser (which shipped with Microsoft ... [Nov. 2, 2000]

MSXML 3.0 .cab File Redistribution Package

This article shows developers the steps for copying the msxml3.cab file to a server, then creating a Web page that downloads the MSXML 3.0 parser to the user's computer and registers it. ... [Feb. 21, 2001]

MSXML Technology Preview SDK

This is the SDK that goes with the March 15 Preview Release of MSXML 2.6.... [Mar. 15, 2000]

MXP1: xml pull parser

Maximum Perf. Minimum Size XML Parser (MXP1) is a Java-based non-validating pull parser that implements the Common Application Programming Interface (API) for XML Pull Parsing specification. In a pu... [Apr. 29, 2002]

NanoXML: A Lightweight XML Parser

NanoXML is a very small (5KB) XML parser for Java. Originally part of the Abstract User Interface Toolkit (AUIT), NanoXML 1.3 is now also released as a separate project.... [Apr. 30, 2000]

Oracle's XML Parser for Java v2

This is the version 2 release of Oracle's Java-based validating XML parser which has XSL support. As of October 7, Extension functions support was added which allows users of the XSL processor to cal... [Oct. 17, 1999]

OS X Core Foundation XML Services

This site posts documentation from the Apple Developer Connection which describes the XML Services provided by the Core Foundation layer in Mac OS X. The OS X architecture places a "Core Foundatio... [Feb. 7, 2001]

POCO - The C++ Portable Components

C++ class libraries for network-centric, portable applications, integrated perfectly with the C++ Standard Library. Includes network protocols (Sockets, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc.) and an XML parser ...

Regular Fragmentations

Regular Fragmentations applies regular expressions during parsing to break textual content into fragments. Built upon the filtering abilities of Simple Application Programming Interface for XML 2.... [Aug. 13, 2001]


The REXML library provides a non-validating XML processor for the Ruby programming language that is written in pure Ruby. Originally conceived as a Ruby translation of Electric XML, it was engineered... [Jul. 9, 2002]

RXP An XML parser available under the GPL

RXP 1.2 is a thread-safe validating XML parser written in C, and distributed as C source, that supports Unicode, ISO 8859-1, ISO 8859-9 and XML Namespaces. It currently runs on the Win32, Solaris an... [Sep. 18, 2000]

Serving XML

Serving XML provides a language for building XML pipelines, and an extendible Java framework for defining the elements of the language. The accompanying console app supports reading content as XML fil...

The XML Parser for O'Caml: PXP A Polymorphic XML Parser

Polymorphic XML Parser (PXP) is a new release of a validating XML parser for Objective Caml (the first public version was named Markup). "Polymorphic" refers to an uncommon feature of the parser; th... [Sep. 5, 2000]

Trivial Protocol for XML parsing (TPX)

The Trivial Protocol for XML parsing (TPX) protocol, originally developed for the innoXMLp validating parser, was designed for operations between the Application Programming Interface (API) and the ... [Oct. 2, 2002]

XDuce A Typed XML Processing Language

Transduce (XDuce) is a statically typed programming language that is specifically designed for processing XML data. It's a tree transformation language "similar in spirit to mainstream functional la... [Sep. 5, 2000]


Xerces C++ is a validating parser written in a portable subset of C++ that conforms to DOM 1.0 and SAX 1.0. Additionally, early implementations are included for DOM Level 2 and SAX version 2.0. Sour... [Nov. 9, 1999]


Xerces-J is the Java open source parser made available by the Apache XML Project.... [Nov. 10, 1999]

XML Engine

XML Engine contains REALbasic classes offering over 100 methods for parsing, rendering, analyzing, creating and altering XML. In addition to its features and utilities for aiding Macintosh XML manag... [Oct. 9, 2000]

XML JSON Multiplatform SDK

Product Page https://www.p6r.com/software/xjr.html...

XML Parser for Allegro CL

Franz Inc. has developed this XML parser for the List Processing (LISP) community as part of a project to promote the use of Common Lisp as a major player in the development tools arena. This parse... [Sep. 13, 2000]

XML Validator

XML Validator is a C++ XML Toolkit-based command line utility that processes XML in either a "well-formed" or "validating" mode. Input may be from a local file system, via pipes, or from an URL (... [Oct. 23, 2001]


XML WEB GUI is a validating XML editor that runs in Internet Explorer 5 or later, Mozilla, Netscape 6 or later and any Document Object Model- (DOM) compliant browser. It is based on Extensible Hyper... [Mar. 11, 2002]


This site is devoted to XML::Twig, a Perl module that provides a tree interface and allows very large documents to be processed without requiring the use of an event-based based parser such as S... [Mar. 16, 2001]


XMLBooster analyzes incoming XML messages, then generates a custom XML parser for the programming language of the host environment. C, C++, COBOL, Delphi and Java are currently supported. The appl... [May. 10, 2001]

XMLtp 1.3

XMLtp is a tiny XML parser/processor written in Java. It is meant for use where a small footprint XML processor is needed by applications that store their internal data in XML format.... [May. 7, 2000]

XSLT Test Tool

The XSLT Test Tool was created to allow the user to easily run XSLT against various popular processors to make sure transformations are optimized for all systems, work easily through a Graphical Use... [Jul. 20, 2000]


XT is a Java-based XSLT implementation that uses the XP parser. XT can be used with other SAX-compliant parsers (but Clark warns to choose one which provides locator information for the error messa... [Oct. 12, 1999]

Ælfred XML Parser for Palm

A download link for Public Release 1 of Ælfred for Palm, one of the emerging solutions for an explosion of internet appliances in need of machine independent development tools but without the horsep... [May. 10, 2000]